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Critter Nesting Dolls

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Adorn your shelves with these classic nesting dolls featuring critters from Campaigns 1, 2, 3, and Exandria™ Unlimited.

From largest to smallest / outer to inner: Trinket, Mister, Frumpkin, Sprinkle, and a raven.


  • Artist: Grace Berríos (@lassflores)
  • Materials: Wood
  • Dimensions: 
    • Trinket: 6 inches tall
    • Mister: 4 inches tall
    • Frumpkin: 3 inches tall
    • Sprinkle: 2.5 inches tall
    • Raven: 1.5 inches tall
  • Full wrap printing

Customer Reviews

Based on 54 reviews
Another disappointment

I got these on sale because they're very cute, and it felt like I could finally justify the purchase. The first set of these I got, I had a really tough time opening them up, but I was eventually able to do so. However, I noticed a massive crack running through the bottom of Frumpkin that nearly split the whole bottom in half. Contacted support, and they kindly sent me another set. I just got the second set today, and I'm still very unhappy. They are still very difficult to pull apart, and this time, Mister has a crack in the top, though a smaller one than Frumpkin had, but still about 1 inch long. I then got to Frumpkin, and Frumpkin seems to be entirely fused together. I can't get it apart at all and tried for about 15 minutes straight, turning my hands all red with the effort. I'm afraid to try anything more drastic to get it apart. Looking at Frumpkin, there are places around the seam where it looks like it might almost be fused together by paint, but it's hard to tell. Regardless, I can't get it open, and I don't want to hurt myself or break it. Very disappointed in the quality of these. I guess it's a good thing I got them on sale. =/

Nathan Owen
Beautiful Product

If your a critter that loves the critters, you will love these nesting dolls. They are beautiful.


Super cute. Love the designs. Was a little hard to open, but once I get them separated they were set to go on display 😊 all the crit merch I've ever gotten has been great quality.


So cute brilliantly made and is currently decorating one of my shelves on my bookcase in my living room

Jenna Stickney
Super cute and high quality

Only issue was that they stick a little and needed some effort to open. Almost impossible to get to the middle but totally worth it!

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