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All sailors fear the tales of Uk’otoa, the all-seeing Great Leviathan beneath the sea. The worst has come to pass—the beast has you in its serpentine clutches. As the toothy maw of Uk’otoa ravages your ship, you’ll have to run, push, and sacrifice others to win!

Uk’otoa is the first official board game developed by the Darrington Press team! Brace yourself for a fast-paced, enthralling tactical game of semi-cooperative card play and thrilling nautical adventure from the world of Exandria™.


Hexes are placed on the board to represent the wreckage of a destroyed ship, and are progressively removed as they are consumed by the dauntless Uk’otoa. Players take on the roles of two factions which they share with their neighboring players, and use cards to best position their two teams to survive. Each card in a player’s hand carries immersive, gorgeous art and easy-to-understand icons depicting the movement it provides.


  • 3-5 players
  • 30-45 minutes
  • Ages 12+
  • Contents:
    • 26 ship deck hexes
    • 25 terrified sailor meeples
    • 5 faction tokens
    • 60 movement cards with lavish art
    • a 52mm high-quality miniature of the Great Leviathan Uk'otoa
    • Rulebook containing rules and Uk'otoa Sea Shanty lyrics
  • Creative Team:
    • Game Design: Jeb Havens
    • Game Art: Hannah Friederichs
    • Additional Game Design: Gabriel Hicks
    • Layout: Vee Hendro
    • Uk'otoa Sculpt: Niklas Norman
    • Sea Shanty: Writing by Taliesin Jaffe and Dani Carr

Customer Reviews

Based on 60 reviews
Sarah D.
Looks gorgeous!

Haven't played it yet but I was very impressed with the quality of the box, the ukatoa figure, and everything else. The only thing I noticed is that the ship pieces can be tricky to store in their spot. They don't go in as easily as they should.


Great game! My family and I have loved playing this game, it's not overly complicated but still allows for intriguing strategies and interesting outcomes. And a great mix of teamwork that will inevitably end in betrayal. And as a big Critical Role fan it is lots of fun.

An immediate hit at local boardgame events!

A really easy game for beginners and interesting dynamic of "semi co-op". Have been bringing it to my local boardgames gathers and it's been a constant!

Mike Wood
Played for first time...loved it

I just finished watching the MN campaign a few of months ago and when I saw this game it intrigued me. Ordered it for my wife as a Christmas present (we love board games) and just tried it out for the first time. The game is quite simple, but (as is often the case) that lends it a certain elegance. Played it three times with three and four players. Four was better, but it was still very enjoyable with three. A different person won each time as it is difficult to predict what the other players will do or what they might be holding. One of our players had no compunction tearing through one of her own sailors to get at someone else's which just made it even more difficult to plan ahead.

Great game, highly replayable, simple rules, only a space required. We will play it again, probably semi-regularly.


Looking forward to playing it

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