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Marquet Market Tote Bag

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Get ready to tote this tote bag and represent the Marquet Market of Ank’Harel! This bag is perfect for transporting all sorts of glorious goods while asking the all-important question… Do you spice?


  • Materials: 20 oz canvas bag
  • Dimensions: 17.5 inches by 18 inches with 7.5 inch gusset
  • Color: light green with dark green and yellow design
  • Critical Role logo and “Do you spice?” on the back

Customer Reviews

Based on 36 reviews
Jay Williams
Love this bag and would happily buy in many different designs

This bag is very big and roomy, and very sturdily constructed! The photos show the bag folded down so you can’t see that the bottom of it allows it to sit flat, so that the circumference of the bag is better than you would expect.

I would so quickly buy more of these bags in other designs from CR - make more of these!!! ♥️

Heather Dove
Laura!! Make more of this!!! 🥺(⁠。⁠•̀⁠ᴗ⁠-⁠)⁠✧

This is a desperate plea into the void that you sell more of these bags! Red moon theme? Witches theme?
Or... A Taste Of Tal'Dorei!? Laura please I'm begging respectfully 🙏

Ok the actual review. Should you get this bag? Yes. Y E S. Even if you have no memories of what Marquet Market is, this bag is worth it.

The durability and depth of this bag has made grocery shopping so much easier for me. I've literally got toilet paper and paper towels rolls into this puppy.

My partner, who isn't into critical role at all, mentioned how much he liked it
borrowing it. Bags just don't come in this depth and durability.

Listen people, I'm back here to buy 3 more. It's on sale. This is a STEAL.

Surprisingly roomy

Tote bags always seem to be too small for me and never carry enough but not only is this bag sturdy, it can carry quite a lot. It's also a really nice colour and design, if CR made more bags like this in different colours I'd totally buy them.

This bag is INCREDIBLE

I’ve had this bag for several months and it is a steal. I use it as my crochet bag with all the necessary supplies and snacks that go with that. I cannot stress how WELL MADE and heavy duty this bag is. Would go for well over double the price in stores. 10000/10.

Really good quality bag at a great price.

I was really pleasantly surprised by the quality of this bag! It's sturdy and I love the lengths. It comfortably fits my ipad or laptop. I've washed it two times (I'm a messy person) and there printed design is like new. BUY IT.

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