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Oracle of the Moon Tarot Blanket

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Whether you’re picnicking in the park or cozying up on the couch for the Thursday night stream, your future will look brighter with the Oracle of the Moon Tarot Blanket in it. This plush blanket inspired by the Mollymauk Tealeaf (and Jester Lavorre) Oracle of the Moon Deck features the purple and gold card backing design on one side, while the other showcases the beautiful paired oracle card designs such as Bond & Betrayer, Joy & Chaos, Tinker & Magician, and much more! 


  • Artists:
    • Caemiel Lilium (@caemiel)
    • Frei (@xfreischutz) 
    • Design: Aaron Monroy (@sketchy_dad_art)
  • Materials:
    •  100% polyester ultra soft flannel plush minky blanket
  • Dimensions: 60 inches width x 70 inches height

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Gorgeous blanket but cheap dye job

I love the C2 tarot deck, so when I saw the blanket I jumped on it. The blanket in itself is warm and has a good weight, it's also very soft. The issue with it is the dye job. It's only printed on the fiber's surface, so depending on which way the fiber is "pointing" the white is very obvious. Plush fabric is moving around a lot with a bare touch, leaving big streaks of white. It was wrapped with a string that left a mark, even after cleaning and (air) drying.
It's not as obvious on the "tarot" side (even more from afar) but blatant on the purple side. I still love this blanket; it will be so comfy, but I hope this dye issue will be fixed in future batches.
Also, it didn't come with any indications for laundry, which I think could be added to the cardboard tag.


So comfy and warm!! I love it and definitely worth the money🫶

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